Allison + Cody: The Sneak Peek

I don’t even know how to explain the bond that grew between Allison and I over this last year. We met over a typical client call last year, and one of the first things she told me was “I am so awkward in pictures.” I hear this ALL the time, but Allison was truly afraid..I told her I understood that, because I’m soooo awkward in my pictures, too. Or, I was until I figured out that if I just stopped paying attention to the photographer and pretended nothing was happening (or smiled brilliantly for them), then I actually didn’t look awkward—I looked happy. Allison was the rare client to actually call to tell me she was booking me, and I felt from that moment on like I had just made a new friend. I’ll tell you all about her day in the full-length blog later, but for now, believe me—the girl is NOT awkward. She’s stunning, and she was so so happy Saturday, that she couldn’t stop telling us, “I’m so happy. I’m just so happy!”

That’s exactly the way every bride should feel.


The Details:

  • The Venue: Dunegrass Golf Club (The staff here, led by the fantastic Christian McCrory, is totally on top of it, the food is amazing, and it’s located 9 minutes from Pine Point Beach. They have openings for 2020, so hurry and call now!)

  • The Dress: Pronovias from Laura Jacobs Bridal in Fort Myers, Florida

  • The Cake: European Bakery

  • The Florist: Fiddlehead Florist

  • The DJ: TJ the DeeJay

  • Back from Double Pneumonia AND bronchitis, Second Shooter Extraordinaire: Jessica Mawhinney