Jordanna + Paul: The Wedding

When I first met with Jordanna and Paul on the initial booking phone call, I was pleasantly surprised to realize I’d actually knew Paul—we were both graduates of the University of Maine at Farmington’s small Creative Writing program, and we’d actually had some classes together. That definitely helped speed along the comfort level it usually takes time to build with a couple. Jordanna was as warm and friendly as I knew Paul was, and after shooting their engagement session, by the time Jess and I arrived at their wedding venue, the beautiful Coolidge Family Farm, I was greeting old friends.

Paul and Jordanna are the kind of couple that immediately puts you at ease—best friends who are clearly deeply in love. They’ve traveled the country together, touring various national parks, and this facet of their life together was reflected in their reception details: each table was adorned with a postcard from a national park they’ve visited together, with a little hand-written note about their experience there. Jordanna had also worked for weeks sowing the quilted triangles for the banner that hung above the dining and dancing area in one very long, continuous stream. Her flowers also included a personal touch as they were all sourced from a friend’s garden and assembled into bouquets.

Despite the crippling heat and humidity, everyone around Jordanna and Paul was as relaxed as they were, and the heat never dampened anyone’s mood. I could not wait to get home and load their images, and I’m so happy I finally get to share them.



The Details:

  • The Venue and Coordinator: Coolidge Family Farm, Misty Coolidge (and I HAVE to say Misty is AMAZING--she is the owner, coordinator, officiant, and notary, and she pulls off all of that while never breaking a sweat or losing her cool, even on the hottest of hot summer days. She's also the owner of the thriving Maine Mixology. I want to be her when I grow up!)

  • The Caterer: Harvest Moon Catering (lots of wood-fired yumminess!)

  • The Hair & Makeup Artist: Elise Sirois

  • The Cake: Holly Simard (doing double duty as Jordanna's awesome mom!)

  • The Flowers: Kate Hanavan, using wildflowers sourced from a friend’s garden

  • The Dress: BHLDN by Anthropologie, Adrianna Papell

  • Second Shooter Extraordinaire: Jessica Harris