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A few words from just a few of my awesome clients!

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“Dory Diaz. Where do I begin? After getting engaged, the first person I called was Dory to secure her as our photographer. We had previously met Dory at our friends’ wedding that she photographed and after seeing their shots, it was literally a no brainer. I was practically sprinting to get a hold of her and didn’t bother wasting my time exploring other options. Dory’s photography style is just fantastic, she really knows how to capture an authentic feeling in the most natural way. No awkward prom style photos here. Every photo she captures and edits is absolutely stunning. On top of delivering A++ work, Dory’s positive energy is another reason to book her. The big day can feel overwhelming and stressful but Dory’s presence was calming. It honestly felt like one of my oldest girlfriends was present to help me get ready to walk down the aisle. Dory’s commitment to customer service cannot be found elsewhere. It is such a priority for Dory to really get to know the bride and groom, to understand their vision and style and deliver accordingly. She drove nearly 4 hours one way to photograph my wedding — talk about a commitment! It wouldn’t be fair to mention how much I love Dory without mentioning her second shooter, Jess. Another gem, with a really great eye, attention to detail and a killer personality. She had us laughing for days. If I could get married every year and hire Dory (and Jess), I would. Do yourself a favor and just book her, you won’t be disappointed.”


“Dory is THE.BEST.EVER! Ok, hopefully that grabbed your attention. Seriously, there are not enough adjectives to describe how amazing she is. This is a long review, but I mean every single word. I live in MA but was getting married in Maine so I knew I had to do my due diligence in researching vendors as odds were it would be difficult to meet with everyone. Photographers were #1 on my list. There were many great portfolios I saw, but none were really wow-ing me. Then, I got to Dory's website and I was nothing short of blown away. The images that she and her second shooter Jess were able to capture were absolutely gorgeous. Somehow, she was able to capture pure emotion in an image. What solidified it for me was reading more about her when she said that her favorite shot is the one taken right after the posed shot. The candids... the candids were amazing! When I first called Dory, I felt we were instantly best friends. I found myself so comfortable with her in that first phone call that I booked with her right then and there (even though I had 3 other photographers on my list to call). I knew just from her personality that she would be the perfect fit. We met on a cold, sleet filled day in Maine to scout out potential first look sites at our venue. Dory was such a trooper, climbing rocks all while laughing at what a ridiculous day it was outside! I knew right then that I had made the right choice. My husband is extremely camera shy (we have about 3 pictures of us in our whole relationship!). This was a major concern for me as having beautiful pictures was so important, but that last thing I wanted was for him to feel uncomfortable on our wedding day. Dory and Jess managed to capture so many stunning (and to be honest, hilarious) pictures of us, that my husband actually started picking out spots himself to take pictures. Dory and Jess made our wedding. Not just with beautiful images, but with their personalities. I instantly felt like they fit right in with my girls. They were up for anything from laying on the ground with us hovering over them to cleaning off the ceiling after we were spraying champagne all over the place (these pictures were AMAZING and I highly recommend spraying champagne with your girls before the wedding!). They had so many awesome ideas for pictures that I will now treasure forever. They were so flexible and up for anything we wanted to do. The best part is, Dory is just an awesome person. Her skills are amazing, but when you're going to have someone by your side for 10 hours, you better like them! I miss e-mailing and talking to her all the time, I truly felt like I made new friend. She made me feel so beautiful on my wedding day and even played therapist a time or two when there were a few hiccups during the day. She was my rock that day and the images she got were breathtaking. I have not stopped hearing from my family and friends on how gorgeous the pictures are. She truly captured the pure emotions of that day (with some shenanigans mixed in!). I honestly wish I lived in Maine so we could just go hang out on the weekends! I will forever treasure our pictures and the memory of how amazing Dory and Jess were will last a lifetime. I strongly encourage you to book with her, it will be the best decision you make for your wedding.”




“Dory Diaz Photography did an incredible job capturing our best day ever! Dory and Jess were great at communicating with us to understand what our priorities were and were completely flexible to our needs. The ladies brought energy and fun to our big wedding party and made sure to catch fun moments in both the bridal and groomsmen suites ahead of time. My husband and I would absolutely recommend Dory Diaz Photography! :D”


“Stop researching now and just book Dory, you’ll be glad you did! We were so lucky to have Dory photograph our wedding! She made us feel comfortable from the first phone call right through our wedding day. Her creative eye is spot on. She was able to deliver photos in the style we had wanted. Dory was also always in the right spot at the right time- capturing all of our moments, smiles and laughter. Dory fit our budget, personalities and style. Our package included a second photographer, Jess. Her and Dory worked seamlessly together all day. We couldn’t be more happier with our photos and experience! Thanks, Dory!”




“I am so grateful to all the brides who wrote such glowing reviews of Dory, because working with her was one of our best vendor decisions. Planning a wedding is a lot of work (amiright?!), and you want all that effort to result in the day you imagined - that’s a lot of pressure! Dory’s shining positivity and can-do attitude made me feel comforted and reassured that everything was going to be amazing. She told me I looked beautiful when my nephew cried because I was in hair rollers (ha!), she laid on the ground to get the perfect shot, she made silly noises to make my niece and nephew smile, and I even heard she waved a boat away right before our ceremony! And Jess is a fun ball of energy that added levity and excitement to the day. Because of Dory, Jess, and our day-of wedding coordinator, I really felt able to relax and just enjoy myself - what a gift! Dory is obviously experienced and does a lot of weddings, but she made our day together feel unique and personal. She took time before the wedding to get to know us through phone calls and surveys, and she even memorized our wedding party’s names before arriving at the venue! I think these gestures really helped us feel more comfortable so Dory and Jess were able to capture our candid moments. And her photos are truly beautiful. I went with Dory because I prefer candids to staged photos, and that seems to be her special sauce. Her and Jess played with light and were creative with their surroundings, and I love the shots we’ve seen so far! Dory is just a genuinely kind and positive person, and she is a pleasure to be around. If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram, you can tell she has a following of loyal customers and friends who love her work - and now I am one of them!”


“Dory and Jess are an amazing team and the best photographers you could ever ask for. They both immediately felt like family. Through all the chaos of a wedding you want these women at your side. They made sure above and beyond that I was happy, comfortable and informed of events throughout the day. I was extremely impressed with how in tune they were with my husband as well. My husband is not used to being in the spotlight and they made sure he felt as comfortable as possible. I will forever cherish all of their amazing photographs that they captured on our wedding day.”




“Dory is such a wonderful wedding photographer! She makes everything so easy and comfortable. We had her do our engagement photos as well which turned out amazing. She was great at communicating before the event and helping schedule out the day. She contacted all of our vendors to let them know what the schedule was going to be and allow a free dialogue across all vendors. Her associate Jess was just as wonderful and fun to work with! They communicate great and get you all the photos you want to remember about your wedding for a lifetime. Perfection!”


“Dory and Jess were amazing to work with from beginning to end. Dory was prompt and professional during the planning phase of scheduling our engagement shoot as well as the wedding day timeline. My husband and I instantly felt comfortable with Dory and Jess, they felt like bonus members of our bridal party. Dory and Jess were accommodating and flexible while plans changed during our wedding day. I was amazed by how many gorgeous candid shots they captured without being intrusive. I would recommend Dory and Jess to anyone seeking fun, talented, and professional photographers to capture your special day!”




“My husband and I had Dory as our wedding photographer and we can't say enough wonderful things about her and her assistant, Jess! Very professional, amazing eye for beautiful photos, and made everyone feel super comfortable. Our wedding photos came out beautiful, we are so happy and pleased with our whole experience with Dory! Would highly recommend!!”


“Dory went above and beyond in every way! The engagement shoot was so much fun and her pictures came out beautiful. The wedding went by in blur but she didn't miss a thing! The photos came out better than I could of ever hoped for. She has a wonderful eye and is great at catching genuine moments.”


“I have only good things to say about Dory and her assistant. They are very dedicated and their focus is on not only taking exceptional pictures but also contributing to making the wedding experience better. For instance, my best man, Dory's assistant Jess, and I were driving in my car to the venue when I wanted to make sure my car was clean so I stopped at a carwash. We wound up needing to use the manual wash (where you spray and wash your car by hand). Jess insisted that she be the one to wash it so that my best man and I didn't mess up our suits. That kind of dedication is rare and shows their focus on a wonderful experience. Dory is never satisfied with doing the minimum, rather, she is always trying new styles while still having the experience of years of photography to make every picture worthy of a frame. Again, my highest recommendation goes to Dory. Thanks again Dory!”


“Dory and Jess were spectacular to work with! Your wedding isn’t just another day at work for them. They immerse themselves in the day and love what they do. Dory is always working to get the best shot and she does. The experience we had was so easy going yet at the same time very thorough and of the best quality! We LOVE the pictures in our daughters wedding gallery and would recommend Dory to anyone. She is very pleasant, professional and talented! You won’t be disappointed.”


“Dory was the wedding photographer for the daughter of a friend. She took many 'morning of ' photos at my house. Arrived early, friendly and work tirelessly throughout the morning!! The pictures were fabulous!!!”



"Holy cow!!!!! Actually, what I really said was more like a four letter word, but I’m being ladylike! Dory, these are unbelieveble! Words can’t describe how we feel right now. Looking at these... we were laughing, we were crying... we were saying “oh my dear god”... all the emotions!!! You are amazing. Truly, truly unbelievable. Thank you once again! Seriously, these are incredible."


"I have nothing but great things to say about Dory Diaz. From the moment I met her, it felt like I had known her forever; she felt like part of the family. She captured some amazing, precious moments at my daughter's wedding. She and Jess were so easy going and fit right in with our crazy clan. They were very patient with all of us, especially the kids. I love how Dory does black and white as well as color photos. The pictures of my daughter's wedding at the Union Bluff were amazing. I loved all the special moments that were captured on film. I would highly recommend Dory Diaz Photography for any event. Thanks again, Dory and Jess!"



dana, bride

"We had the greatest experience with Dory. From day 1 she was accommodating, patient, and very personable through the whole process. As the bride and groom, we didn't realize how much time you spend with your photographer- and with that we'd choose Dory again and again. She made everyone feel super comfortable and has such a natural ability in making everyone feel good. Besides her amazing energy she is extremely talented. We are obsessed with our photos and couldn't imagine them coming out any better. She captured so many subtle moments that are truly the BeSt moments. We were shocked that such a grey, raining, foggy, May Day in Maine could be so perfect. Thank you Dory!!!!!!"

LeEric, Groom

"You are the absolute best wedding photographer ever!!! Anybody that doesn't hire you is wasting their money! Thanks again for making our day more special than we could have ever imagined."


"To say Dory and her second shooter Jess did an amazing job is an understatement. I just received my key to my gallery, and all I can say is WOW. I’m totally in love with the style, and the shots they took were spot on. To the family portraits, to the fine detail shots, nothing escaped notice. She blended seamlessly into our wedding party and kept us genuinely smiling throughout our big day . Dory came recommended to me by another bride, and I’m so glad my husband and I chose her as our photographer!"

First Look-2274.jpg


Regina, Bride

"Dory was absolutely incredible to work with! From the first time we met her until after the wedding was over, we felt like our special day was just as important to her as it was to us. Most of the bridal party is fairly camera shy, but Dory and Jess made us feel very comfortable and made the day so fun and lighthearted. There was no room for stress with their positive energy and expertise there to guide us. And speaking of positive energy...Dory is just a ball of it! No one can be in a bad mood when Dory is around, and a lot of our guests have commented about how she's so much fun, energetic, and great at her job. After the wedding, we loved the sneak peaks she provided before getting our final package. All of the pictures that Dory and Jess took came out fantastically, and far exceeded any expectations we had about how good our wedding pictures could have been. We would recommend Dory in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a photographer!"



"I just wanted to take a moment a really thank you. In the end, you not only made it extremely comfortable for me, but I know Eliza sometimes has trouble letting her full smile show in front of the camera and you managed to even capture that. To me personally that makes these photos even more special.

A good photo can capture a moment better than anything else, but by making the experience special you managed to make the memory more than just what we see on the other end of the lens. Considering how tepid and nervous we both were (to varying degrees) before showing up, you managed to turn it around in to an evening of laughs and magic. That takes a special talent and it bears repeating, even though I imagine you're sick and tired of hearing it from us!"



"I recommend Dory 100%. She shot my wedding in July and she was better than I could have hoped for. She wasn't just a great photog--she completely blended in personality-wise with ALL of my family and guests. People are STILL telling me how hard she and her second shooter were working and how much fun they were having with the guests and the wedding party. The images came out AMAZING and she was laughing and smiling the whole time (which can be hard at a stressful event like a wedding...especially when the weather gets crazy!!) She was so much fun to work with, was SO responsive during the planning process and replied to my texts right away! I cannot cannot cannot give her the praise she deserves. A+ in every aspect. Thank you, Dory!!!"


"Dory did such an amazing job. The wedding photos are gorgeous! I've never seen someone work so hard. She and her assistant showed up on time and worked through the wedding and reception. They worked at least nine hours. They had great ideas and her shots were so artistically done. I will be recommending her to all of my friends. Beautifully done!"



"We hired Dory to photograph our wedding at the Stageneck Inn on October 8th, 2017. It was the best decision we made! Dory was easy to work with from the start. She responded to all of my emails within a few days or would call right away if she felt we needed to discuss my questions in detail. She was very well organized (sent us a wedding day questionnaire a few months prior to fill out and also contacted all of our vendors). I also never felt like I was bothering Dory with all of my crazy wedding questions.

"Dory and Jess showed up on our wedding day with energy, a smile on their faces and helped to calm my nerves. They went right to work and also helped our wedding party keep to our timeline.

"Tom (Groom)- said that Jess made the getting ready photos relaxing and fun for the guys, which was hard because he was not thrilled about this idea! Jess found a way to make it interested for them and I heard they had some good laughs. 

"First look- Tom & I had the idea of walking out on a cliff to take our photos. It rained the entire morning and didn’t stop until about one hour prior to our first look. I looked over during our first look and saw Dory kneeling down in the mud at one point; this is dedication! 

"Sneak peek- within a few days of our wedding we were able to view a sneak peek of our wedding. This was a blast to see! We highly recommend Dory-Diaz Photography to any couple looking for a great photographer for their wedding day. Dory is very easy to work with, has competitive rates and great ideas for shots."


"I chose Dory for my daughters’ wedding photographer in York, ME Oct 2017 . This was, by far, one of the greatest decisions made for our daughters’ special day! Dory and her assistant Jess were professional, welcoming, organized and beyond talented in their skills! I still get teary/eyed and emotional 5 months later, looking at our memories and re-living that day. Dory is truly gifted and found her calling within the field of photography!I I can’t express how grateful we are for her talent shared with us that day! She ventured down on the cliffs over the ocean to make sure she captured that ‘perfect’ shot for Angelina & Tom . Her creativity and attitude meant the world to me! She is a gem and we were lucky to find her! Thank You from the bottom of my heart."

Bridal and Groom-7385.jpg


"Dory photographed my wedding at the Viewpoint Hotel in York Maine July 15th, 2017 and did an incredible job. From the very beginning she was super responsive, flexible, caring, sweet, funny and passionate about her work. She made it a point to get to know my husband and I and our style. Dory drove over 2 hours to photograph our engagement sessions as well as another two hours to do a site visit at our venue. Before the wedding day she contacted all of my other venders to introduce herself. The day of she was early with her second shooter, Jess, who was also a blast and awesome! For 9 hours they worked extremely hard getting the perfect lighting, blocking the sun and chasing family members down. My pictures came out beautiful. She captured our day perfectly. I cannot thank her enough!!


"Amazing Dory! I loved the engagement pictures, so I knew you'd be great! I can't wait to see the finished work! I also want to point out that you and your co- photographer/ assistant ( forgive me, her name isn't coming to me) worked so hard! You both didn't stop for 10 plus hours. From make-up to the end of the wedding. I never saw you stop shooting ! You two were just the ultimate professionals! Your beautiful photography will allow us to relive this wonderful day for the rest of our lives, especially, the beauty you captured!"



"Dory and her second shooter Jess took engagement photos for my fiancé and I and we had such a wonderful experience working with them! Dory was very helpful making suggestions to find the perfect locations for our photos and then scouting out the area before our shoot to make everything run smoothly! We immediately felt at ease with Dory and Jess and we had such a fun afternoon! Dory was able to capture every moment perfectly and our final images turned out so beautiful; we are absolutely in love with every single photo! Dory will not be photographing our wedding, but ONLY because we are going to NYC to get married. If our wedding were here in Maine, then Dory would definitely be the one who we would want and trust to capture our special day!"



"Dory and Jess were so wonderful! As someone that does not like their picture taken, being comfortable is key and that’s exactly what they did for me. They are a dream to work with And such good hearted people. Our pictures came out soooo GOOD! What a wonderful blessing to have those memories to look back on!"


"Dory, and her co-shooter Jess, were fun and also professional, making sure that we got all the shots we needed and wanted! Neither my husband nor I enjoy being photographed, and they made us feel comfortable throughout the day. And the pictures came out great! We totally recommend them to anyone and everyone!"


"If I could give more stars I would, met Dory as a groomsman in a wedding she had shot. Working with her throughout the process and seeing her end results were more than enough reasons to request her to work with my fiancé and myself. Her vision is excellent and her warm personality is beyond infectious, all this makes for an extremely comfortable experience as we found out when she did our engagement shoot."


"Dory Diaz Photography has made an incredible impression on me as the mother of the groom. Dory and Jess were such a delight to work with. They worked the crowd of over 185 guests with grace. I am so impressed with how Dory and Jess were always there at the right time capturing just the right shot! They never commanded the space or intruded on a special moment in order to get "that shot", yet they always got it with a loving touch, and such compassion.  The photos I have seen so far from Dory & Jess have brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and now I know I will have these precious photos to always remember one of my most valued days, times in my life. I just can't say enough about the wonderful experience it was to have Dory Diaz Photographers as part of our very special day. Thank you, a million thank you's!! I might add, looking through other wedding and special events that Dory has done are spectacular to say the least. So heartfelt are her photos, capturing so much in the moment. She and Jess really have an eye."



"Dory was amazing and the pictures were incredible! From the start of the day she put us all at ease with her comfortable, fun, and professional manner. Even though the weather did not cooporate that day Dory still captured stunning shots and her use of lighting was epically beautiful. I couldn't have been happier! I cannot think of anyone else I would have at the photography helm, who has the exceptional artistic eye, and great personality other than Dory. Dory Diaz Photography is the whole package."




"You will not find a better photographer than Dory Diaz. She goes above and beyond in every way. The fun we had taking pictures was a highlight of our wedding day. Her skill is exceptional, her professionalism is superb, her communication is prompt, and her enthusiasm is contagious. We love our photos. My husband and I highly recommend Dory Diaz photography."


"I have been involved in two weddings and attended several more where Dory played a 5 starring role as photographer. Dory is professional, warm and has a strong intuitive sense of not only what individuals and parties want, but what they really need. Her communication and diplomacy (hey, all weddings need it) are top notch!"



"Dory Diaz was the perfect addition to our wedding day! Not only did she take the most beautiful pictures we could have imagined, but she captured those special quick, genuine moments between my husband and I. Those moments that may only last a few seconds but where our true personalities shined through because we forgot anyone was watching. Dory makes you feel comfortable even if you've never met! She will put you at ease on your wedding day. You will not be disappointed in Dory!"



"I interviewed a few people to take pictures of our wedding and as soon as I talked to Dory I knew I had to look no further. She was quick to respond to my messages. And she has a great personality and fun to work with! On the wedding day when our efficient didn’t show up she kept everyone positive and provided much needed emotional support at that moment. It all worked out at the end and we were married. We love our pictures! And we highly recommend her as a wedding photographer."



"Dory did an absolutely outstanding job on our family pictures. She was so much fun to work with, and really made the experience memorable! She was patient with our kids to really capture the right shots and she did! She was prompt in all our correspondence and was flexible with our schedule. Beyond the the fact that her work is flawless, she is all about making the client happy and she will go above and beyond to do so! I recommend Dory Diaz Photography to anyone looking for beautiful pictures, at an affordable rate, that will last a lifetime! We will definitely be using her again!"