"Why do I need an engagement session?" Here's why:

I can’t even begin to count how often brides will say to me, “I hate having my picture taken.” The sad fact is that we live in a world that hasn’t done much to make us feel good about ourselves as women. I’ve always been on the larger side of the scale, and it’s taken me years to embrace and become comfortable in my own skin (even right now, at the lowest weight I’ve ever been as an adult), and I’m still uncomfortable on the other side of the lens. I used to think skinny girls didn’t have those problems, but as a wedding photographer, I’ve learned how wrong that idea is: no matter a woman’s shape and size, none of us see how beautiful we are.

And here’s the thing: No matter a woman’s shape and size, we are beautiful. I have yet to photograph someone that I didn’t find beautiful through my side of the lens. And this, this is why an engagement session with your wedding photographer before the big day is so important.

Engagement sessions give you a chance to hang out with your photographer (and her camera) in a totally relaxed session in your favorite clothes. There’s no pressure from family and friends looking on, no pressure about how the big white dress fits (or if it will get dirty). Just you, your fiancé, and the photographer you’ve carefully chosen (who, I’m not gonna lie, I hope is me). Guys love it because it usually involves getting to kiss their girl a LOT (and it’s not nearly as awkward as they think it will be going in), and my brides are pleasantly surprised to find they love how easy and fun the session is (and they are ALWAYS surprised how much they love looking at themselves in their finished pictures).

I offer engagement sessions solo, or in a way better deal, as part of my York and Boston packages. I send my clients (soon-to-be friends after their session) a guide of what to expect and answer some of the most frequently asked questions leading up to their session. Drop me a line in the comments or fill out my contact form to find out more!