Ashley + Matt: The Sneak Peak

I have to start this by saying something to all of my brides (and even all the brides who aren't MY brides, and to the future brides, or never-brides--all of YOU reading this!). Ready? Here we go: You are beautiful. You are stunning. You are strong, and kind, and generous, and seriously beautiful inside and out. And Ashley is no exception: she is stunning, inside and out. Her smile when she caught sight of Matt, or just thought of Matt, or even thought she heard the word "Matt" was huge and infectious, and he was no different with Ashley. These two were made for each other, and Jess and I were both honored and thrilled to be part of their big day. (And I haven't even mentioned her squad of incredibly beautiful and supportive women, one of whom I'll be photographing as she walks down the aisle in September--holla, Lindsay!!) Enjoy this sneak peek from their day!

The Details:

  • The Wedding Planner and Venue: Julia Eggleston, Sugarloaf Resort...and seriously I can't say enough about the incredibly helpful and hardworking the folks at Sugarloaf are
  • The Dress: Madison James, purchased from  Andreas
  • The Hair: Kerri Poulin, The Strand
  • The MaKeup: Natalie Poulin
  • Second Shooter Extraordinaire: Jessica Harris