Lindsay + Anthony: The Wedding

I was beyond excited to shoot Lindsay and Anthony's wedding this past weekend—I had met them through one of my other favorite brides, Ashley, and I knew from seeing them in action at Ashley and Matt's wedding this past June just how much fun they were. It felt like spending the day with old friends. It did, however, require my overcoming my fear of heights as their ceremony was held outside Sunday River's North Peak Lodge, a location that can only be accessed via chairlift or gondola...or a reallllly long ride on their school-bus shuttle (I went with the gondola).

The ride was a li’l scary—the gondola shudders a bit as it crosses each pole, a feeling that’s even worse on the way back down in the pitch dark. But it’s totally worth the stomach-dropping fear—the view is amazing heading up, and I recommend getting married at the top of a mountain to everyone. The surrounding mountains of Sunday River made for an incredibly beautiful ceremony backdrop.

I’m so so glad I was able to spend the day with Lindsay and Anthony as they celebrated their marriage. They have a quiet and beautiful love, and Anthony is a steady foil to Lindsay’s fun energy. Their families have already bonded, too, and the affection they all feel for each other is clear. I hope you enjoy this view of their day as much as I enjoyed capturing it.


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