Delani + Mitchell: The Wedding

I don't even know where to begin to explain what an incredible day Jess and I working with Delani and Mitchell. Large wedding parties are our forte, and with 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen to lead around, we were totally in our element. Jess had a blast taking the guys on a tour of Mitchell's childhood home, including the site of the treehouse he and his brother used to play in, and the toy train they used to ride on. Meanwhile, I was with the ladies, who were hilarious and fun and immediately made me one of their tribe for the day. But the best part of the entire day was bearing witness to the next chapter in the incredible love story that Delani and Mitchell have written together. Even the sudden showers, causing everything to have to be moved inside at the last minute, couldn't their joy. By the time Jess and I were photographing Mitchell and Delani making their vows to each other, we were crying along with everyone else because we felt like we'd known them forever. 

Check out their sneak peek below, and enjoy all the love from their day!


Vendors of Awesomeness

  • Wedding Venue and Coordinator: Spring Hill Lodge, Mindy Angell (and I can't say enough about how kind, patient, and hard-working Mindy and the staff at Spring Hill were--and it's a GORGEOUS venue with tons of natural light!)
  • FloristDebbie Cary, Downeast Flowers & Gifts
  • Cake Artist: Sara Smith, 3 Sisters Bakery
  • DJDJ2Clapps, Ben Clapp
  • Makeup Artist: Regan Poirier
  • The Bride's Hair Artist: Linda Sprague, Statix Salon & Spa
  • The Bridesmaids' Hair Artist: Linda Sprague, Kalie Arthur, Danielle Pariseau, and Janelle Gray; Statix Salon & Spa
  • The Dress: Marry and Tux Bridal, designed by Essense of Australia
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
  • Tuxes: Tuxes and Suits With Style
  • Second Shooter Extraordinaire: Jessica Harris

Cheli + Rob: The Wedding

I can't explain just how excited I was to photograph Cheli and Rob's May wedding. First off, we're all friends; in fact, Cheli's stepmom is one of my closest friends, and after photographing Rob's two sisters' weddings, I was excited to complete "The Wareheim Trifecta". On top of that, Cheli was planning a boho-chic kind of theme, unlike anything else I had photographed before. Most of their wedding was accomplished with the help of friends and family, so there are no vendors to thank here, other than my Second Shooter Extraordinaire, Jessica Harris. But watching the day (and the rehearsal the evening prior) unfold through the loving efforts of so many people that really care for Cheli and Rob was incredible, and I'm so honored I was able to be one of those friends, too. 

Thanks, guys. <3


Sydney: The Senior Session

After shooting Sydney's Senior Session this past Sunday at the fairytale Vaughn Woods in Hallowell, I've decided every Senior Session should include a best friend. Best friends help keep you pumped up, make you laugh, and remind you how beautiful you are--and that's exactly the kind of best friend Sydney has in Jessi, who guest stars in this blog. They also come in handy for carrying outfit changes, camera bags, and coolers. Oh, and Moms are awesome, too, and Abby was my favorite Mom yet--she made sure I was hydrated, bug free, and she even fixed my hair while I was shooting! Anyway, all that said, Syd was so much fun to work with, hilarious and sweet--enjoy her in all her gorgeousness.

Sydney's Senior Session: The Sneak Peek

Sydney is one of those girls that just makes you happy to be around her. The kind of teenager who is kind and compassionate, generous and genuine--all of that, and she's intelligent and conversational, too! She shines from the inside with the truest beauty anyone can have--and she also happens to be beautiful young woman on the outside, too. I've spent a lot of weekends photographing women of all ages beyond adolescence who all have the same insecurities about the way they think they look inside the lens of my camera--all the same insecurities I have myself, and Syd, too, is not immune--but here's the thing. You're beautiful. We all are. I don't know when we lose that inner voice that tells us we can do anything, be anything, the voice that never cared what we looked like in the mirror as we ran past with bare, dirty feet, our hair falling out of a haphazard ponytail to run outside, our arms open wide to any adventure that may have come to us. I don't know when that voice gets replaced by one that whispers darkly to us about our hips being too wide, or our face too narrow, or our clothes being all wrong, or our ankles too fat, but maybe if enough of us remind each other of the voice we knew when we were little, we'll stop listening to that other lying voice, remembering instead how beautiful and capable and strong we all are.


Ashley + Matt: The Sneak Peak

I have to start this by saying something to all of my brides (and even all the brides who aren't MY brides, and to the future brides, or never-brides--all of YOU reading this!). Ready? Here we go: You are beautiful. You are stunning. You are strong, and kind, and generous, and seriously beautiful inside and out. And Ashley is no exception: she is stunning, inside and out. Her smile when she caught sight of Matt, or just thought of Matt, or even thought she heard the word "Matt" was huge and infectious, and he was no different with Ashley. These two were made for each other, and Jess and I were both honored and thrilled to be part of their big day. (And I haven't even mentioned her squad of incredibly beautiful and supportive women, one of whom I'll be photographing as she walks down the aisle in September--holla, Lindsay!!) Enjoy this sneak peek from their day!

The Details:

  • The Wedding Planner and Venue: Julia Eggleston, Sugarloaf Resort...and seriously I can't say enough about the incredibly helpful and hardworking the folks at Sugarloaf are
  • The Dress: Madison James, purchased from  Andreas
  • The Hair: Kerri Poulin, The Strand
  • The MaKeup: Natalie Poulin
  • Second Shooter Extraordinaire: Jessica Harris


Cheli + Rob: The Sneak Peek

It's crazy how incredibly beautiful a wedding put together by friends for friends can be, and that sums up Cheli and Rob's beautiful bohemian chic orchard wedding. Put together over the course of two months on a shoe string budget, everything looks like a million bucks, and it was clear just how much love their friends have for them in their eager willingness to get every detail perfect from the gorgeous flowers to the tent decoration to the china place settings to the seriously delicious finger sandwiches to the beautiful (and also seriously decadent and delicious) cake. Friends with both of them for several years now, it was my pleasure and honor to be a part of their special day, not just as their photographer, but as a friend and guest. It's so hard to choose just a couple of photos for their sneak peek (I can't wait to post the full-size blog soon, and a mini-blog about Cheli's father-daughter dance!!), but I managed it somehow. Enjoy!

Laura + Greg: The Sneak Peek

There is something about the glow of a bride on her wedding day, and surrounded by her team of incredibly beautiful and supportive friends and bridesmaids, Laura was no exception. As she began the preparations for her wedding day, she was calm and happy, and her girls were willing to do anything and everything to help her day go smoothly (There is nothing I love more than a group of amazing bridesmaids!). Enjoy this sneak peek from Laura and Greg's wedding at the beautiful Point Sebago Resort on Sebago Lake!

The Details: 


Liz + Nolan: The Wedding (a.k.a. The Lost Blog)

Liz and Nolan were the first wedding I shot this season, and they also happened to be friends of mine, so when I ran into Liz in Portland this weekend, and she happened to mention she went to show her blog to a co-worker and couldn't find it, I was flummoxed. I ALWAYS do a quick sneak peek blog, and a final longer blog for every wedding I shoot. Later, I checked, and she was right: somehow (probably a result of switching computers and website servers) their blog never posted! So without further ado, I will tell you that Liz and Nolan's wedding was one of my most emotional: Nolan is a ball of mush when it comes to Liz, and their First Look had us all in happy tears. You can see the close bond between them from that moment to the final dance we photographed, and I felt unbelievably privileged to get to be a part of their very special day, on this next chapter of their love story.